Thank you for taking a moment to read my message to you!!

First of all, I LOVE God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I follow Divine Creator. I am not and do not belong to any organized religion. Religion has no place when it's about a relationship. I have found religion to be oppressive, binding and fear based and Our Father/Creator is not about ruling by fear. The whole reason I created this site is because I feel every woman is beautiful and every woman should feel beautiful. Not only that, but how much God Loves each and everyone of you. I have endured tragedies that I pray no one ever goes through. I know what it's like to feel hopeless and in a state of depression. What I have been through felt as though every sense of my being was stripped away and it is the worst thing that anyone can feel. The depression caused me to lose any and all self esteem and confidence for a very long time.

Knowing how I felt all those years while in a deep depression, I stayed in bed because I didn't have the strength to go on. I don't wish for anyone to feel what I did. With God's help, I made it my goal to help encourage women and let every one of you know that you are beautiful! My dad used to tell me that whenever you are feeling bad, try dressing up! Even if you don't feel you have the strength to do much, little things can really help you feel better, boost confidence and help build your self esteem back up and that's why I created this site.

Just remember, You are beautiful!! God loves you more than you can ever imagine. I put much love into creating this site and every nail I create to show you how beautiful you are, you deserve to be happy and you are loved by all of us here as well.

God Bless,Much Love and Namaste!


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