Camera: Akaso Ek7000 4k
Desk Mount - With Suction cup

L-Shaped Desk

Everything in the middle photo were all obtained through AliExpress


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Spilled momomer

Okay, I figured since I had the polygels down pretty good I would try acrylics. I got what looked like the perfect acrylic set to get started with. It looked to have lots of good stuff with it to get you going creating acrylic nails. I've never used acrylics before but I've watched a lot of tutorials showing how to use acrylics and since everything was there and I've been learning... what could possibly go wrong?

Now, anyone who's been on ebay, Amazon, AliExpress have seen this kit somewhere, Right? Well.. I was so excited but I heard rumors that the monomer scent was pretty strong. So... of course I was prepared so if it did stink up the place a little bit, I turned my air conditioner on ahead of time to help pull whatever order it sends my way. I unboxed the set, had everything ready to go, I had the nails prepped and I knew exactly what design I wanted to create in mind.

I gently twisted the cap to open the bottle of monomer and The monomer container exploded everywhere BEFORE THE CAP WAS EVEN COMPLETELY OFF and when I say it went everywhere, I do mean everywhere!

OMG... I couldn't breathe!!! It was so bad and so strong and raunchy, it was unlike anything I've ever smelled or experienced before. Keep in mind my office is in a Recording Studio where our Label is also located, ok? So... Robbi Spencer was working in the control room on some tracks he was mixing and mastering. Because of the control/recording room being sound proof, it was obviously also smell proof. About 45 minutes later he came out of the studio and he could smell the monomer so strong... it even took his breathe away and I was already airing out the place 45 minutes prior to that.

Nothing brings 2 people together quicker, then when you can't breathe. He was pretty cool about the whole explosion and smell thing going on but we couldn't even throw the empty container away in the building because the smell was so strong that you couldn't even tell that I've been airing the place out for 45 minutes.

Now I learned that there is monomer out there that is acutally odorless but that whole explosion escapade has me a little hand shy of that right now. I have been able to use acrylic powder without having to use any monomer but it will be a while before I go down the monomer memory lane again.

So when getting acrylic sets like you see below... keep in mind to be very cautious and careful because it could backfire like this one did and if it does... it's really gonna suck!

acrylic set

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Okay, so when I started creating nail designs I thought this is gonna be so easy... I got this. Then the reality of it kicked in. It bit it. What was in my head wasn't coming out the way I wanted by any means. Omg... it was a mess, nail polish spilled all over the place... it was like watching a comedy movie or something.

I was able to draw in my sketch pad exactly what I wanted but when it came time to painting the nails... it was totally unrecognizable and I'm sitting there totally amazed at the wonderful job I did of making a mess. So I started watching videos and I would see different tools. Yea... tools.... ok... let's do that!! So I ordered brushes, dopper pens, decals, glitters, powders, a drill, bluetaks, double sided tapes, packaging boxes, a better uv gel lamp, sculping gel, polygels, acrylic powders (don't ask) a new desk and a manicure station, foils, gems... everything and anything I would see but didn't have for nails I needed to create the nails. I absolutely had to get all the blingy stuff to go with it. Hey... What can I say??

My Partner Robbi Spencer helped me get a lot of the things I needed to get started and gave me the front office to paint, which he helped and we fixed it up exactly how I wanted it. It took about a year to get everything together to get started the right way and step by step I learned to do various types of nails.

I learned how to do Halloween nails which was great because even the pretty ones I tried to create when I first started, fit right in with the halloween collection I had going, seriously. Moving on..... I continued until I started getting it down and it wasn't just recognizable but they were actually very pretty. As I contined to learn, I was giving nails away until I can build up the confidence needed to get on YouTube. Below is my very first reviews.

I am still learning, growing and developing new skills and techniques. Sometimes even when you're not real sure when the right time is to do something you want to do. You just have to do it. Life is too short to wait for that perfect moment to get started that may not even come unless you just step up to the plate and do it. If you have the desire and determination, you'll find a way to make it work. NOTHING can stop you... but YOU!

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Hello you Beautiful Creating Wonders, First of all, let me tell you where I stand. I LOVE God/The Divine Creator, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I am not and I do not belong to any organized religion. I have found religion to be very oppressive, binding and fear based. The Divine Creator is not about ruling by fear and is Pure Love, Light and Energy. The whole reason I created this site is because I feel everyone is beautiful and everyone should feel beautiful. Not only that, but my little way of showing how much our Creator Loves each and everyone of you. I have endured tragedies that I pray no one ever goes through. I know what it's like to feel hopeless and in deep depression. What I have been through felt as though every sense of my being was stripped away and it is the worst thing that anyone can feel. When they say there are things worse than death, it's true because I lived it. The depression caused me to lose any and all hope, self esteem and confidence for a very long time.

Knowing how I felt all those years while in a deep depression, I stayed in bed because I didn't have the strength to go on. I don't wish for anyone to feel what I did. With the our creators help, I made it my goal to help encourage women and let every one of you know that you are beautiful! My dad used to tell me that whenever you are feeling bad, try dressing up! Even if you don't feel you have the strength to do much, little things can really help you feel better, boost confidence and help build your self esteem back up and that's why I created this site. Whether you're a male, female or however you feel you are identified, just know you are beautifuL and Remember... we are ALL ONE in this beautiful Universe, so lets dazzle it with beautiful and creative nails.

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