We are so honored to have you here! We know that most everyone wants beautiful nails but not everyone knows how to create them or they just don't, understandably just don't have the time. Here at Dazzled Nails we show you how to design,Sculpture and create beautiful nails at home using various nail tips or poly gel. These are great tutorials to help advance your nail techniques or even your nail career, or you can simply buy any of our pre-made sets! We also have nail accessories coming to our shop very soon such as gems, crystals, glitters, foils, polishes, files, brushes, etc. for that perfect look to help you express the beautiful YOU that you really are! Please remember We are still new and in development, but we hope that you enjoy your visit and come back to visit us again very soon. I mostly use Polygel as I haven't use acrylics much but that is changing.

What is Polygel?

Polygel is a nail enhancement best described as a hybrid formula that combines the durability of acrylic nails and the elasticity application of gel nails. The process and the materials used in the manicure, though, are actually quite different. Polygels are often mistaken for acrylics due to the quality and appearance.

Is Polygel safe for your nails?

YES! If applied and removed properly, Polygel manicures are perfectly safe for your nails. In fact, Polygel can be considered safer than other nail enhancements—like acrylics—as no chemicals are released into the air during application. Polygel is safe and healthy for nails.

Is it easy to apply?

Whether you're wanting premade sets or you wish to create them at home, we can help. If you're just learning to create polygels at home each kit will come with easy to follow instructions and we will have many videos online. As with anything new, it takes trial and error until you get that perfect look you're wanting to achieve. If you're looking to glue on and go.. we have beautiful premade nail sets for you to choose from. Each set should last anywhere from 14 to 21 days. Give or take depending on your activity use with your hands.

How do I remove it?

Although many nail salons are reopening these days, many prefer DIY nails at home to prevent infections when visiting the nail salon. As a newcomer to the manicure industry, poly gel popularity has dramatically increased. More and more people would like to choose polygel to create pretty and unique nail designs. On the one hand, poly gel inherits the advantages of both hard gel and acrylic, such as strength, flexibility and durability and so on. On the other hand, it is easy to use and great for nail beginners to make at home. However, we should master not only how to use it, but also how to get it off, there are effective measures of how to remove it, click the link below to read more.

Effective Ways to Remove Polygel Nails at Home


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